Pakefield High School


All schools in Suffolk are committed to providing the best education for our young people and at Pakefield we want our pupils to be healthy, happy, safe and to do well.  We recognise the importance of establishing and maintaining good relationships with parents, carers and the wider community.  We are aware however that there may be occasions where people have concerns or complaints and we therefore have a procedure which sets out the steps that should be followed in order to resolve these as quickly and informally as possible. 

School governing bodies are required, under Section 29 of the Education Act 2002, to have in place a procedure for dealing with complaints.  It is expected that all complaints will be referred to the school in the first instance.  In situations where it has not been possible to settle a complaint through this process the Local Authority may be able to advise parents/carers and the school in order to help resolve difficulties, but will not be able to become involved if the steps set out below have not been followed.

A copy of our Complaints Policy which includes a flowchart showing the process for making a complaint, is available from the policies page on the website.