Pakefield High School

Assessment and Reporting

KS3 Assessment - Flightpaths

The knowledge our teachers have of individual strengths and weaknesses is at the heart of strong student performance at Pakefield. This begins the very moment students join us - from September 2019 every young person in Key Stage 3 has been placed on a flightpath. Using KS2 test results as a starting point, the flightpath ensures teachers are setting work in  lessons at the correct level, so students are supported and pushed in their learning. 

On reports, parents and carers will be able to see whether their child is on track, above or below expectations in each subject. 

The pictures below show our flightpaths in action - each flightpath has a colour, so students easily know what work they should be focusing on in the lesson. Student tracker sheets are used on the front of books to track progress, and tasks encourage students to push themselves to complete work from more challenging flightpaths. 

Teachers use worksheets and tasks on the board using the flightpath colours to signpost tasks for students. 


Each student receives a report each school year.  These reports give a summary of progress which enable parents/carers to see how well their child is progressing and support them if needed.

We use Go4Schools to store all  assessment and attendance data about our students. This means you can log in at any time to review your child's progress. If you are a parent or carer of a child at Pakefield, you can log on to Go4Schools here.

The first time you use Go4Schools, you will need to click on the First Time user link. You will need to use the same email address you submitted to the school office.  If you need to update the email address the school holds for you, please contact the main office.  

If you have any queries about school reports please contact our Data Manager.

How do I log on to Go4Schools for the first time?