Pakefield High School

Tasks for Students - September 2020


We are having a staggered induction for the new school year, where students in year 8 - 11 are in school for one day, with all students on site from Wednesday 9th September. Work for English, maths and science for days when students are not in school during this induction period is available below. 


Year 8


English Maths Science

What is memoir writing?

Writing about a memory

Writing about someone important

Creating tension

Describing a strong emotion

Number grid sequences

Tracking calculations

Generalising arithmetic sequences through tracking calculations

Plant roots


Uses of glucose

Rate of photosynthesis


Year 9


English Maths Science

What is viewpoint writing?

Planning techniques: Logos, pathos and ethos

What makes an effective introduction and conclusion?

Four column map thoerem

The twin prime conjecture

3D coordinates

The painted cube

Levers and pivots

Moments and balance - part 1

Moments and balance - part 2


Year 10


English Maths Science

An Inspector Calls

Class, Capitalism and Socialism

Priestly's background

Staging the play

Character Introductions


Know and undersstand pythagoras' theorem

Find the length of the hypotenuse

Find the length of the shorter side

Mixture of finding a missing length


Drawing electrical circuits

Charge and current

Potential difference

Electrical resistance


Year 11


English Maths Science

Non-fiction Text Types

Purpose and Audience

Language and Structure

Responding to a Non-fiction Text

Sample Exam Question

Ratio in Context


Direct and Inverse Proportion

Cell Biology


Infection and Response


Homeostasis and Response