Pakefield High School

Staff List

Name Role
Miss D Abbott Teacher of English
Mr A Adady Teacher of MFL
Mrs M Adams Food and Textiles Technician
Mr B Allen Teacher of Maths
Mrs A Allington Examinations Officer
Mr D Bagshaw Head of School
Mr  D Ball Drum Teacher
Mrs N Ball Head's PA and Office Manager
Mr S Bancroft Teacher of Computer Science 
Mrs T Battman Senior Technology Technician
Mrs D Beer Cleaner
Mrs  A Benton  Teacher of Science
Mr R Birch  Cleaner
Mr I Bligh Teacher of Maths
Mrs K Brewer Teacher
Miss S Buckenham  Cleaner
Miss I Bunn Teaching Assistant
Mr R Carrol Facilities and Estate Manager
Mrs D Cage Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Chalk SEND Manager
Mrs J Cheale LRC Manager
Mr W Cherry  Cleaner
Mrs M Clarke Teaching Assistant
Mr R Clarke  Teacher of Maths
Mr P Cloves Teacher of Humanities
Mrs  L Cook Attendance and Admissions Manager
Mrs L Cook Cleaner
Miss Z Cossey Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Cross Cleaner
Ms L Crisp Year 7 Leader
Mrs S Cropley Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Dawson Cleaner / Midday Supervisor
Mr W Dodd English: Teaching Assistant
Mr N Dennis Teacher of Science
Mr C Dougan Teacher of Science
Mr L Dowson Teacher of PE
Mr B Doyle Teacher of Science
Miss E Eagle Acting Head of Science
Mrs E Fitzgerald Associate Assistant Headteacher - English
Mrs C Foster Curriculum Support Worker
Mr E Frazer Teacher of MFL
Mrs C Fulcher Teaching Assistant
Mr E Gibbons Deputy Head Teacher PDWB
Mrs C Gillard Teaching Assistant
Mr L Groom Second in Department - English
Mr L Gurney Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Hall Data Manager
Mr  G Halliday  Facilities Assistant
Mrs H Hastings Teacher of PE
Mrs M Heal Cleaner
Mrs J Heaver Teaching Assistant
Mr J Herbert Associate Assistant Headteacher - Sport and Creativity
Miss C Hughes Admin Assistant
Mrs W Hunt Teacher of Art
Mrs T Jackson Year 10 Leader
Mrs A Johnson Teacher of Music
Mr M Langford Teacher of DT
Miss D Marshall Head of Food
Mrs  J Maybee Receptionist 
Mr J McDonald Cover Supervisor
Mrs S McHugh Subject Leader Media
Miss G Miles Teacher of English
Mr D Moore Isolation  Manager
Mr M Moore Year 8 Leader
Mrs R Moore  Teacher of PE
Mrs S Nicholls Teaching Assistant
Ms D Reeve Midday Supervisor
Dr O Holguin-Rodriguez Teacher of MFL
Mrs H Rudland Cleaner
Miss  E Saunders Head of History
Miss J Saunders Student Provision Manager 
Miss A Schmidt Facilities Assistant
Mrs K Sewter Curriculum Support Worker - English
Miss R Shank  Teacher of PE and English
Mrs J Shervington Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning
Miss L Simons Head of Performance
Miss H Smith-Howell Second in Maths
Miss A Soares Cleaner
Miss S Teasdale Teacher
Mrs  N Thurston  Cleaner
Mrs G Trigg Second in Science
Dr A Tuck Director of Inclusion (SENDCo)
Mrs S Turrell Teaching Assistant
Miss K Tuttle Teacher of Maths
Miss D Underdown  Teaching Assistant
Miss K Walls Associate Assistant Headteacher - Maths
Mrs C Warren Teacher of Art
Miss Z Watkins Year 9 Leader
Mr J Wayman Head of Geography/ D of E co-ordinator
Mr J Wilkinson Year 9  Leader
Miss L Willingham Teacher of English
Miss L Wright Teacher of English
Mr N Wright Senior Science Technician