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Welcome to Pakefield

Pakefield opened as a new school in September 2011 for students in years 7 and 8. It is a Foundation High School and is part of Suffolk County Council's group of schools. For the first time in September 2014 Pakefield was full with all five year groups. The School's PAN (Pupil Admission Number) is 180 students per year with a total school roll of 900 students. School places are in demand as the school is heavily-oversubscribed and rated as “good” by Ofsted.

“Staff and pupils are very proud of their school.”  Ofsted, March 2013


Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that every student has interesting and varied learning experiences and makes the best possible progress in developing their skills, knowledge and understanding. We seek to instil in our students a love of life-long learning, a strong sense of community service and a good understanding of society that will help them prepare for higher education and the world of work. We expect our students to develop as well-rounded, mature and confident young adults ready to take up their place in society.


 "The headteacher provides outstanding leadership. He and his deputy set a very positive tone to the work of the school while expecting only the best from all. The strong drive for improvement means teaching is getting better and better." Ofsted, March 2013



We value: 

  • People.  Our School exists to provide its pupils with the very best education it can, but it is also at the centre of a learning community and all its members are valued. Pupils, staff, governors, parents and carers, business partners and visitors can expect to be treated with respect, courtesy and kindness. The well-being of everyone at the school is of great importance to us. 
  • Learning.  Education has the power to change lives and the School ensures that every opportunity is created through learning so that its pupils can fully develop their skills and knowledge. 
  • Achievement and Attainment.  Hard work, commitment, perseverance and a willingness to succeed is encouraged in all, and every pupil is given the care, support and guidance to fulfil their potential and attain the highest standards. 
  • Our Community.  As the School develops we will seek to build a strong relationship with our community in which pupils are encouraged to become active, responsible citizens. We will strive to form partnerships and collaborative arrangements with local businesses, groups, services and individuals for our mutual benefit and we will create opportunities for our facilities and resources to be utilised by our community. Over the next few years the School will move in to brand new, state of the art buildings designed to be ecologically sustainable and purpose built for 21st Century learning. We will continue to manage the School with careful thought for its impact on the ecology and where possible use sustainable and environmentally-friendly resources.
  • British Values.  At Pakefield British values are central to our school ethos and are promoted not only through the curriculum and its content but through every aspect of school life.  We also understand the vital role that we must play in ensuring that groups or individuals within the school community are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by those wishing to unduly or illegally influence them.  Please click on the Union Flag to read about how we embed British values into everything we do at School.

British Values at Pakefield

 "The headteacher has set high standards for staff and pupils to achieve, and has the full backing of staff and governors.  Ofsted, March 2013"



Our aim is to be a centre of excellence for teaching and learning, in which all students achieve the highest standards in their education, their personal development, and their behaviour and conduct.

  • Students have access to a broad and rich curriculum that provides opportunities, fulfils high expectations and is sustained through partnership and collaboration.
  • The School places a strong emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills in every student.
  • The academic, cultural, aesthetic, sporting, spiritual and ethical development of our students is encouraged through a diverse curriculum and through an extensive choice of extra-curricular and extended activities.
  • Each individual’s skills, talents, knowledge and interests are nurtured and developed.
  • Students are supported and guided so that they are able to reach their full potential and are prepared for their next stage in life as mature and thoughtful young adults.
  • Our School is at the centre of its community offering opportunities to all learners, and creating a focus on learning for life.