Pakefield High School

Extra Curricular Activities


Terms 1 and 2 have been extremely popular for extra-curricular with many students taking up the amazing offers, and gaining new positive experiences. 

Extra-curricular is something we are particularly proud of at Pakefield and it’s a programme we have been excited to relaunch.

Students will not need to sign up to any clubs or gain permission, they can simply turn up on the day with the appropriate equipment/kit and enjoy. With this process in place students do not have to commit to one club, they can still experience a number of clubs throughout the term to fulfil their interests.

Extra-curricular is so important especially given the recent affairs going on in the world. It gives an opportunity for our students to continue to develop new skills, build positive working relationships and try new things which they may not have had an opportunity to do so before. It also allows students to experience different opportunities outside of the curriculum.

In a number of a clubs the students have multiple opportunities to represent their school through competitive events against other schools, or simply leisurely events which offers opportunities to meet new people and try new things.

You will see from reading this booklet the wide variety of activities available to our students for the current term. Activities will differ slightly throughout the academic year. If students have any questions about a particular club they can ask the relevant teacher or they can come and find myself.

I look forward to seeing our students take up the wide range of activities on offer and to continue to build positive experiences at Pakefield High.

Mr Herbert