Pakefield High School

Head of School Weekly Update - Friday 21st January

 Dear Parents and Carers


I am certain you will have seen the change to rules on face masks in school. They are currently no longer recommended in classrooms, and from next Thursday will no longer be recommended in schools at all. We recognise that some members of our school community may feel anxious about this, so have decided that individuals may continue to wear masks at all times if they choose to do so.


I was lucky enough to attend the Boccia tournament held at Water Lane on Thursday. Whilst Team Pakefield didn’t walk away with any silverware, the level of enthusiasm on show was worth a medal in itself. Thank you to Mrs Cropley for attending and supporting students.   


Staff have been carrying out analysis of the recent Year 11 mock exams, and planning lessons and interventions based on these. We have calendared a second round of mock exams just after February half term – we want to give Year 11 as much practice of taking exams in the main hall before the summer, but it is important that students now take every opportunity given to help improve their performance. After school interventions have been updated based on mock data – if your child is invited to these crucial sessions, please support us by ensuring they attend.  


More widely, attendance at school has been repeatedly proven to impact outcomes at the end of Key Stage 4. Put simply, a student with 95% attendance or higher across their five years of secondary school will make better progress than a student with poorer attendance. I know that attendance is an issue for some right now, but it is ‘casual absence’ which causes the greatest impact - a day here and there lost because of a minor cold, sniffle or headache adds up over time, potentially putting GCSE grades at risk.


Finally, a reminder that our Breakfast club starts from Monday. Free bagels and cereal will be on offer for all students from 8.15 in the street every day.


I’m hoping for some dry weather this weekend with the aim of starting to get the garden ready for Spring. I don’t know if I’ve left it too late to prune my roses, but the weather has been so up and down lately nothing in the garden seems to be following the usual routine…


Have a good weekend!


Mr Dan Bagshaw

Head of School