Pakefield High School


Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum ensures all students become confident and resilient learners. We aim to ensure students are successful, achieving the highest standards in their education, their personal development, and their behaviour. This is achieved through:

  • a broad and rich curriculum that provides opportunity, challenge and support including a focus on developing strong skills in literacy and numeracy, given the context of our students.
  • the extensive provision of extra-curricular and extended activities which develop individual interests and talents through academic, cultural, aesthetic, sporting, spiritual and ethical experiences

Curriculum Principles

Our curriculum;

  • is broad and balanced, addressing the needs of our students
  • is inclusive, allowing for personalisation to support learning needs
  • ensures all students have equal access
  • stimulates, challenges and engages all students,

and is underpinned by these core curriculum concepts:

Progression and Challenge

  • Students are able to make swift progress when they join us
  • Targets set at FFT20 for all cohorts ensure high challenge and aspiration


  • Builds on complexity and consolidates prior learning to create confident learners


  • Identifies gaps in students’ knowledge, providing meaningful feedback to address these gaps


  • Addresses the low literacy levels students join us with to ensure all students develop a broad vocabulary, with effective writing and reading skills

Wider Curriculum

  • Ensuring our students are not restricted by their context, our curriculum includes enrichment through further learning; sporting, academic and creative.
  • Understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle through active exercise and eating correctly

The School’s timetable is based on a five period day, each period being 60 minutes long. The timetable is based on 25 periods taught per week over a two week timetable. 

In some subjects students will be taught in sets according to their ability; in others they will be taught in mixed ability groups. The School will use prior attainment data and the results of tests and assessments to adjust sets where necessary. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and Sex Education topics and school assemblies.

Core and Options

Key Stage 3 

Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a broad and balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum. Further detail of the KS3 curriculum can be found in the subject links below. 

Subject Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Teaching periods per fortnight
English 8 8 8
Maths 8 8 8
Science 8 8 8
Technology 1 1 1
Food 2 2 2
French 1 1 1
Spanish 2 2 2
History 2 2 2
Geography 2 2 2
Art 2 2 2
Music 2 2 2
Computer Science 2 2 2
PE 4 4 4
Drama 2 2 2
Life (RSHE / PSHE) 1 1 1
RE 2 2 2

Key Stage 4 

Years 10 and 11 students will follow a curriculum based on a compulsory core of subjects and then choose from a wide range of options. 

Core Subjects Optional Subjects Year 10 Year 11
Teaching periods per fortnight
English 9 9
Life (non-examined) 1 2
Maths 9 9
PE (non-examined) 2 3
Science 9 9
Triple Science 5 6
Art 5 6
Computer Science 5 6
Design Technology 5 6
Food & Nutrition 5 6
French 5  -
Geography 5 6
History 5 6
iMedia   6
Media 5 6
Music 5 6
Performing Arts 5 6
PE GCSE 5  -
Photography  - 6
RE 5  -
Spanish 5 6
Sport Studies 5 6

Below you will find links to the curriculum intent and structure for each subject.  This offers a useful overview of  each subject together with the topics covered in each of the year groups. These have been updated to show how our curriculum has been amended in light of the COVID-19 school closure.

English Mathematics Science
History Geography French
Spanish Computer Science Art
Food Technology Design and Technology BTEC Sport
BTEC Performing Arts Music Media

 For more information about our curriculum please contact Mr D Bagshaw at 

You can read our school's curriculum policy here.