Pakefield High School


We prioritise reading at Pakefield, as we know that good reading skills will help our students to access the full learning offer we provide. 

Reading allows us to be transported from our own world to another. Between the pages of a book, we can become immersed in the lives of fictional characters and learn about a culture entirely different from our own. We can also learn new words and phrases, experience a range of emotions, and acquire skills and knowledge, including: 

  • Developing empathy- when we read a book, we put ourselves in the story in front of us.
  •  Extensive vocabulary.
  • Higher levels of creativity and imagination. 
  • Increase students' ability to retain information.

Literacy Across the Curriculum

Our Literacy Across the Curriculum framework is focused on the recommendations shared by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to improve literacy within secondary schools, and is based around the 'Pakefield Pillars'. 

You can see our whole school literacy strategy here. 


ERIC (Everyone reading in Class), take place twice each week in form time. Guided reading, with each tutor group reading the novel they have voted for each term, allows teachers to model what good reading looks like. This is supplemented with questions and discussions about the characters, themes and narratives in the novel. 

Disciplinary Literacy

Disciplinary literacy is defined as the confluence of content knowledge, experiences, and skills merged with the ability to read, write, listen, speak, think critically and perform in a way that is meaningful within the context of a given field.

The Pakefield guide to disciplinary literacy shows what reading looks like in each subject. This means that all teachers, regardless of their subject, are supporting students to read, write and communicate effectively and actively embed this within their subjects.